Top 7 memes of Wrestlemania 36 without public

The global crisis caused by coronovirus has affected thousands of people and has caused various sporting events to have to be rescheduled or suspended. This is not the case of Wrestlemania in its 36th edition, since despite everything it will be celebrated being the only difference that this time it will be only without an audience and for the first time it will be divided into 2 days. This has provoked thousands of positive and negative comments, but despite everything people do not lose their humor or in the worst moments and a large number of memes about the situation are already circulating on social networks. So, I bring you a top of 7 best memes of wrestlemania without public!

  1. Wrestlemania has already been recorded and people on social media have started spoiling the results. So Stone Cold appears in this image telling you in the kindest way that if you know the results, keep quiet out of respect for people who do not yet have knowledge of them.
Stone Cold sends a very strong message to those who spoil wrestlemania 36 meme wwe
  1. Becky Lynch “The Man” has gotten rougher than ever to the point of getting to Raw by driving a truck or Drinking Beer on a live show. Her character being so similar to Stone Cold her fans believe that she can end up transforming into him, after facing Shayna Baszler in wrestlemania 36.
Becky Lynch with stone cold face after wrestlemania 36 meme wwe
  1. Continuing with spoilers and memes. This is the face you put on when some fool comes out on social networks putting the results and what happened of wrestlemania 36.
meme of your face when you spoil wrestlemania 36 Roman reigns
  1. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, strange behaviors have appeared, such as the desperate purchase of toilet paper, thus emptying supermarkets. So, in the following image we see that, although people will not be able to attend wrestlemania live, at least they will see it from home with their toilet paper.
How people lived wrestlemania 36 from their homes due to the wwe coronavirus meme
  1. Cm punk could make his comeback at Wrestlemania 36, ​​but it would be a comeback where there would be no fans to greet him and chant his name.
CM Punk could return at wrestlemania 36 and there will be no audience, I don't want to, I wouldn't resist. I'm not so strong.
  1. Roman Reigns will be one of the great absences of Wrestlemania 36 and the WWE universe has not let this go and they have made various memes.
Roman Reigns will not be at wrestlemania 36 meme wwe
  1. Well let’s hope this is not the case and you can enjoy wrestlemania in all possible health.
Big show crying wwe meme of when you get coronavirus and nobody talks to you

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