The best pregnancy memes from Becky Lynch WWE

In recent weeks Becky Lynch “The man” one of the most important faces in WWE has announced that she is pregnant. Due to this situation, she had to leave her women’s raw championship in the hands of Asuka and will be retired from wrestling for several months.

This has brought various consequences for both WWE and Becky Lynch. Since he was having the best moment of his career, he was becoming the main face of the company. But still WWE and Vince McMahon have come out to publicly support her in this situation.

But as always something that could not be missing are the memes, that’s why we bring a compilation of the best memes of Becky Lynch’s pregnancy.

Becky Lynch where you had your head when you got pregnant. Up inside. Becky Lynch meme with Pleasure face

Who is the father of Becky Lynch’s son?

In case you still did not know the current partner of Becky Lynch and dad of your future son is Seth Rollins “The Messiah”. The latter has not been spared either and on social networks people have also made funny memes about him.

Seth Rollins making a crazy face when he changes his son's diapers wme meme
Seth Rollins with tousled hair. Thought a man couldn't get another man pregnant wwe meme
Seth Rollins pregnant Becky Lynch meme Seth Rollins laughing and then serious.

Seth Rollins apparently likes to withdraw Irish from WWE and Becky Lynch has not been his only victim. Finn Bálor had to leave his universal championship due to injury when fighting Seth Rollins. After that Finn Bálor has never been able to get a major championship in WWE again. Hopefully this is not the case for Becky Lynch and when she returns we can see her again as champion.

Seth Rollins guilty that Finn Bálor and Becky Lynch lost their wwe meme championships.

Another thing we could see was the reaction Asuka had when Becky Lynch handed her the championship. Since she was excited and said some very moving words about being a mom. For this reason it is speculated that Asuka did not know anything about what was going to happen and everything that happened was outside the established script.

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