The Best Memes of Royal Rumble 2021

Royal Rumble 2021 has been held and has left us great fights and surprises, such as Edge, who was the winner of Royal Rumble and will be the main event at Wrestlemania. We could also see great returns such as Carlito, Kane and Christian. As for the women’s Royal Rumble, these did not disappoint as they offered us a great show, when we all thought that Charlotte Flair or Rhea Ripley would win, Bianca Belair surprised us all and took the victory of the Royal Rumble 2021.

One of the best fights of the night was Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens in a “Last Man Standing” stipulation match.  Although KO came close to winning several times and offered clever and risky moves, it was ultimately Roman Reigns who prevailed by applying a Guillotine.

Roman Reigns Stuns Kevin Owens meme

One of the most violent moments of the match was when Roman Reigns came up with the idea of driving a cart and running over Kevin Owens. However after being run over KO was still able to reverse the 10 count.

Roman Reigns Hit Kevin Owens meme

Roman Reigns punches a referee to reverse the 10-count meme

At one point in the match “The Tribal Boss” pulled out some handcuffs and was planning to put them on Kevin Owens, however after a few struggles the one who ended up with the handcuffs and hooked to a platform on the stage was Roman Reigns himself. In the position in which he was hooked he could not stop, so the referee began to perform the 10 count. When we all thought that Reigns would lose, Reigns hit the referee against the platform to stop the count. Then Paul Heyman would appear with the key to free Roman Reigns who would later win by applying a Guillotine to KO.

Roman Reigns punches referee to win meme

Math Hardy and Roman Reigns separated at birth meme

Great minds think alike and both Math Hardy and Roman Reigns came up with the idea of finishing their opponents in the same way.

Randy Orton is magic meme

Randy Orton is magic, in one week he was able to recover from the horrible burns he got from Alexa Bliss and miraculously recovered from the leg injury he got from Edge at the beginning of the Royal Rumble. However we could see him fully recovered at the end of the battle royal. The only explanation for this is that WWE doctors are the best in the world or Randy Orton is magic.

Randy Orton burns and leg injury meme

Those who were waiting for Becky Lynch’s return in Royal Rumble meme

One of the most anticipated returns of this Royal Rumble was that of Becky Lynch however this did not happen. Although we could see her partner and father of her son Seth Rollins “The Messiah”. Which was among the last 5 participants of the Royal Rumble. Although he was eliminated by Braun Stroman when he tried to team up with him to eliminate Edge and Christian.

Becky Lynch return in Royal Rumble meme

Edge Vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 37

The big winner of the battle royal was Edge, who will have to decide whether he will face Drew Mcntyre or Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 37. Whatever his decision we will have a great match at this event.

Roman Reigns vs Edge at Wrestlemania 2021

Bad Bunny becomes a wrestler

Bad Bunny was the special guest for this Royal Rumble which he sang alongside Booker T. But that wasn’t the only thing he did, as he gave a plancha to Jhon Morrison and The Miz. The reason for this is that The Miz broke the mixer of the DJ who played alongside him in his performance.

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