The best memes left by Wrestlemania 36

Wrestlemania 36 has already been celebrated in 2 incredible nights and although it was not the best in history, it gave us quite entertaining fights. Leaving Drew Mcintyre and Braun Strowman as new wwe champions. Without being their respective fights the best of the 2 nights.

Also another thing that wrestlemania 36 left us was a large number of memes on social networks and although the world is going through a pandemic that has plagued everyone, people do not lose their humor even in the worst moments. So I bring you a compilation of the best memes left by wrestlemania 36.

UnderTaker buries Aj Styles alive and is deadlier than the covid-19 meme wwe

One of the fights that had the most reactions was the movie-style showdown between the UnderTaker and Aj Styles in a fight called “Boneyard Match”. Where for the twenty-fifth time he emerged victorious, thus imposing a 25-2 mark. This combat also marked the return of the character “American Badass”, used by the UnderTaker in the early years of the 2000s.

Man forgets to dig up Aj Styles after his fight with the UnderTaker meme wwe

Despite the fact that AJ Styles dominated several periods of the combat and received the help of the other 2 members of the “Original Club” Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and a group of hooded, he was finally kicked into a pit to later be buried being alive by the UnderTaker.

UnderTaker at 56 gave the best fight in Wrestlemania 36 meme wwe

Drew Mcyntire meanwhile finally fulfilled the prophecy of boss Vince Mcmahon who in his wwe debut several years ago, said he was “The Chosen One.” And despite having left wwe, he’s back better than ever. At Wrestlemania 36 he was finally able to demonstrate all that was being said about him and defeated the “incarnate beast” Brock Lesnar.

Drew Mcintyre before and after wrestlemania 36 champion meme wwe

As for Goldberg’s credibility, it has been shattered, as “The fiend” was defeated by a few of his spears, but Strowman beat Goldberg in less than a minute. In a match that was possibly the worst of all wrestlemania 36.

the joker analyzing the Goldberg vs Strowman fight wrestlemania 36 meme wwe

John Cena’s fight against Bray Wayatt was tremendous mental paranoia, but in the end “The fiend” took the victory. In a match that underwent many changes due to the decision to celebrate Wrestlemania without an audience and having faced each other in the past, wwe decided to try to do something new. Resulting in a rather strange combat where we were able to review all of Cena’s past. From his debut against Kurt Angle until reaching the current era.

Wwe creatives smoking a giant cigar when they thought about wyatt's fight and wwe dinner meme

So we were all at the end of the fight, saying it happened here. But in the end the 16-time champion lost to “The fiend”.

Dinner against Bray Wyatt reviewing the past meme wwe

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