Roman Reigns wins his first submission match in WWE

Our hero Roman Reigns has not stopped surprising us since his return and this time he has won his first fight by submission or surrender. His victim was nothing more and nothing less the monster among men Braun Strowman, who was not easy to defeat. The tribal chief was on the verge of being defeated several times; but finally he prevailed by applying a guillotine to the monster’s neck, although he did not surrender, he fell asleep so the referee immediately stopped the fight.

Jey Uso’s disrespect towards Roman Reigns

While Roman Reigns was celebrating his victory, Jey Uso decided to go out and challenge his opponent in Hell in the Cell. At that moment to impose his dominance as a champion, Roman Reigns grabbed Braun Strowman who was lying in the ring. The pious tribal chief gave his cousin another chance and ordered him to attack the monster among men with the chair too. But Jey Uso instead of obeying him, the one who attacked with silletazos was Roman Reigns himself, although he was quickly able to reverse the attack and with a punch from the super man that left Jey Uso unconscious in the ring.

Daniel Bryan returned to the ring

Daniel Bryan returned to action on the last SmackDown show and was interrupted by Seth Rollins. At one point both began fighting until Bryan expelled his rival from the ring. This is possibly the beginning of a new rivalry for Seth Rollins. Also many WWE legends made their appearance at ThunderDome. During the show we got to see Mark Henry, Jeff Jarrett, Goldberg and even Brie Bella. About Goldberg, a possible appearance on SmackDown was speculated, but ultimately he was only seen on the ThunderDome screens.

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