The new Roman Reigns Hell is unstoppable defeats its rivals without a hit

The new Roman Reigns Hell is unstoppable, beating its rivals without a hit. Since his return we have seen how he won the universal championship quite easily and how he has destroyed his rivals without even receiving a blow. Broun Stroman, The fiend, Shemus have all been victims of the new Roman Reigns. It is something that without a doubt only the best of all times can do.

✅ Roman Reigns despises his own cousin Jey Uso

Thanks to Paul Heyman, Jey Uso received a chance for the Universal Championship, as Biggie unfortunately got injured and will be out for a while. So, Roman Reigns will face Jey Uso in a fight for the Universal Championship in the next PPV. In the last SmackDown program we could see how the tension between the two was growing. In the evening’s main event, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso were paired up to face Sheamus and King Corbin, who offended them at the beginning of the program.

Roman Reigns despises its own cousin Jey Uso

Finally, when the fight between the two teams had to begin, Roman Reigns left Jey Uso alone to face the rival team. Even though Jey Uso was at a disadvantage, he put up a great fight and when he was about to beat Sheamus and King Corbin, Roman Reigns appeared out of nowhere to steal the baton, then he applied a spear to Sheamus, covered him and took the victory. Still Jey Uso did not seem angry and tried to celebrate the victory with his cousin but when he raised his hand, Roman Reigns had a reaction of contempt and arrogance towards Jey Uso.

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