Rey Mysterio Is Not The Father Of Aaliyah Raw

Seth Rollins reveals that Rey Mysterio is not Aaliyah’s father. In a controversial segment of Raw Seth Rollio came out with an envelope which he claimed contained a DNA test of one of Rey Mysterio‘s children. When we all thought it was a DNA test of Dominik Mysterio it turned out to be his sister Aaliyah’s. She ended up being very upset in later segments when we saw how Buddy Murphy’s jackal took advantage of the situation and tried to comfort her. Relive the best memes that this story has left.

Controversy, Seth Rollins holds adult anime magazine in the middle of the live show meme

Seth Rollins supports adult anime magazine

Eddie Guerrero and now Seth Rollins fight custody of Rey Mysterio’s children meme

Let’s remember that in an old WWE rivalry the late Eddie Guerreo was fighting for custody of Dominik Mysterio as he claimed to be the real father. The fight was a ladder fight, the first fighter to use the ladder to get the case that had the papers would get custody of Dominik. The dispute ended with Rey Mysterio defeating Eddie Guerero after Eddie Guerrero’s wife turned against her husband on the screen and helped Rey Mysterio get the papers.

Fight of Eddie Guerrero against Rey Mysterio for the custody of Dominik Gutiérrez meme

Buddy Murphy’s jackal tries to seduce Aaliyah the daughter of the Rey Mystery

Buddy Murphy’s jackal didn’t miss the chance to seduce Rey Mystery Aaliyah’s daughter and when she was alone and crying, Buddy Murphy apologized for all the inconvenience.

Buddy Murphy tries to seduce Rey Mysterio Aaliyah's daughter

It looks like it will end up like the Triple H couple and Stephanie McMahon wish Buddy Murphy well.

Becky Lynch watching from her home Raw

Buddy Murphy and Aaliyah STORYLINE

Kevin Owens hits Dabba Kato meme

Kevin Owens slaps Dabba Kato in his segment. Unfortunately for Dabba Kato that would be the least of his worries as later in the evening he was beaten up by Braun Stroman in Raw UnderGrown.

The retribution wwe group imitates the character of Batman “Bane”

In the same show, it was finally possible to find out who the members of the retribution group were. But we not only knew that, we also learned that they had signed a contract with WWE. This means that they can now do whatever they want without consequence. Unfortunately for them, the night was not as good as they had hoped. In the main event they had to face the group MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. The fight was dominated at all times by the MVP group and when the retribution group realized they could not win, they called on the other members of the group to attack MVP and company. The fight ended in disqualification. Just when we thought the retribution group would get away with it. Drew McIntyre came to the rescue with the entire Raw cast and gave the retribution group a tremendous beating.

Lana breaks the commentary table with her own body

In other news Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were facing the group of Natalia and wool. The fight ended with Nia Jax breaking the commentary table with the wool body. The championship challengers Rubby Riott and Liv Morgan ran away from this dangerous situation.

Lana wwe Sexy breaks the commentary table with her own body

WWE Raw imitates Laura’s segment in America Meme

WWE imitates Laura’s segment in America. Let the unfortunate one pass

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