Otis El Gordo Made His Debut In Raw memes

Otis made his appearance at the premiere of Raw with a strange character called “El gordo”. Who, speaking in Spanish, was posing as a masked wrestler of Mexican origin. He then paired up with Tucker to beat The Miz and John Morrison in a pair-wrestling match.

A little later, Otis himself tweeted about a wrestler, whom he said he met in early 2014. “I met El Gordo for the first time in 2014, during the Pan American Games of Greco-Roman wrestling in Mexico City”. He has the best pink clothes and has incredible fighting skills in the ring”.

El Gordo WWE ate all the tacos in Mexico Meme

Otis El gordo meme ate all the tacos in Mexico

During the celebration of the 2020 edition of the WWE Draft, Heavy Machinery was separated, Otis was kept in SmackDown, but Tucker was transferred to Raw, splitting it in half. No source has confirmed that Otis will ever use El gordo resource again and it appears to have been a one-night stand.


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