The best Memes of the return of anonymous WWE version

Anonymous has returned after several years of inactivity to join the demonstrations for the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police. Social networks have demonstrated with a wave of memes as usual. For that reason I bring you the best memes of the return of Anonymous wwe version.

Undertaker shocked to learn that anonymous saw Donald Trump's nudes meme

Anonymous reveals new paige pack

New Paige nudes wwe revealed with the return of anonymous in 2020 meme

Michael Jackson is alive

Bobby Lashley imitates Michael Jackson's reaction when anonymous revealed that he is alive meme
Anonymous returns as the Undertaker and scares all governments meme

Anonymous reveals Dean Ambrose’s biggest secret (Jon Moxley)

Anonymous says please don't forget Roman Reigns meme
Anonymous scares the US government undertaker meme
Wwe teachers in 2050 explaining everything that happened in 2020 wwe memes

Information disclosed by Anonymous

The first video they released was played about 2.3 million times in just 2 days where they strongly criticized discrimination against African Americans by the U.S. police. On top of that, they managed to hack into police stations in Chicago and Minneapolis so that every police radio station played the theme song F*ck that Police where a group called N.W.A. talks about police racism towards the African-American population.

As the days go by, information has come out about the connection of various public figures to Jeffrey Epstein who ran a child trafficking ring and whose death was quite controversial. Among those implicated according to Anonymous are U.S. President Donald Trump and the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II. Anonymous also claims that the death of Princess Diana of Wales was an assassination ordered by British royalty in 1997; to prevent her from revealing information about various royalty members who were involved in this pedophile network.

Also, several users on social networks published about Anonymous hacking the official site of the Vatican where they found that $10 million was spent to prevent lawsuits against priests for sexual abuse of minors.

So far it is not possible to verify if all these revelations are true and neither can the people behind Anonymous. Since it could be other people impersonating them.

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