Legends killer Randy Orton is back

The legendary kick of legend killer Randy Orton is back. In the last raw we could see how Christian got a brutal kick in the head from Randy Orton like in the old days. It all happened when Randy Orton challenged Christian to a fight, remembering that he had been retired for several years due to an injury. Christian saw this as an opportunity to get back at what Randy Orton did to Edge in BackLash, who suffered an injury to the arm where he had to have surgery and will be away from wwe for several months.

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When Vince Mcmahon fires Paul Heyman but returns his finisher to Randy Orton meme wwe

During the course of raw there were several segments where fighters like the Big Shown and Rick Flair tried to convince him not to, but even so, at the end of the night Christian came out to fight. When the fight was about to start, “Rick Flair” entered the ring to try to get Christian to stop fighting. But it was all a setup. In an act of betrayal by Rick Flair, he struck Christian low. At that moment Randy Orton took the opportunity and gave him a brutal kick in the head that left him unconscious.

Christian will fight again in wwe

Although there was this segment with Randy Orton there’s really little chance that Christian will ever fight again in wwe. This segment was more to enhance the rivalry between Edge and Randy Orton; and in the future they may meet again in a major event.

Legends killer Randy Orton will use his kick again

Let’s remember that Randy Orton’s kick was banned several years ago because it was considered dangerous. But this time they let him use it, this can be considered an act to further empower Randy Orton as Heel. So if this keeps up, there’s a good chance I can still use it in the future.

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