Jeff Hardy is arrested for running over Elias!

In the last SmackDown we could see how the superstar named Elias was brutally hit by a car. When law enforcement officers searched the scene they found Jeff Hardy allegedly drunk and everything indicated that he was responsible for the accident. The policemen proceeded to arrest him, although later in the night he appeared and attacked Sheamus without any justification. Relive the best memes left by the hit and run of Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy speaking to the media about his arrest for drunk driving meme.
Jeff Hardy atroppe to elias meme
Jeff Hardy was smoking when he ran over elias meme.
Cameras capture moment when Jeff Hardy escapes from justice totally drunk meme.
There is nothing more deadly than the coronavirus except drunk Jeff Hardy meme.

WWE reported that the charismatic enigma was released after passing the relevant medical tests, which is why he was able to appear in the last segment of SmackDown and attack Sheamus. Elias, who was transferred by ambulance, also lost his chance in his fight against AJ Styles and the latter went on to the final of the tournament for the intercontinental championship.

Recall that Jeff Hardy has been arrested several times during his life for poisoning problems. His last arrest had been in 2018, when he was recovering from a knee injury. The charges were of being under the influence of alcohol on public roads, he was arrested and imprisoned for a few hours. After this event, there was talk that wwe could sanction or even dismiss him as it was a violation of the company’s welfare policy. But instead the company decided to help him in his rehabilitation and finally in 2020 we were able to see his return to the ring.

Although it’s all part of the script, Jeff Hardy wasn’t really arrested in real life. For all the fans of the “Charismatic Enigma” rest easy because we will continue to see him fight for a while longer. Everything that happened is to enhance the rivalry between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. So in the next few weeks we can only observe how StoryLine is developing.

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