Bayley crazy constructions meme

Meme is called Bayley Crazy Construction, after the incredible things she did in Hell In the Cell. Although she lost her title she left us wonderful works of art. The rivalry between Bayley and Sasha Banks found its end in Hell In the Cell, where the SmackDown Women’s Championship was at stake and Sasha Banks kept her word to snatch from Bayley the title she most wanted.

Bayley achieved a historic reign for being the longest in SmackDown’s history for the women’s division, ending in 380 days. Unfortunately for her she ended up with a Bank Statement stuck in a chair, so she had no choice but to surrender to Sasha Banks, who continues to achieve success to be among the best fighters in WWE history. This is the first SmackDown Championship for Sasha Banks and the sixth title in solo, the other 5 were in the RAW brand, she has also won the championships twice in pairs.

Bayley building with sticks in Hell in the Cell

Bayley building with sticks in Hell in the Cell meme

Even though it was a very serious fight, it left us with some very funny moments like Bayley building a kind of structure with sticks and tape. But even though he spent about 3 minutes making it, he had to quickly abandon the idea when he realized that it didn’t work. Her anger was such that she even insulted Michael Cole in the middle of the fight since he was making fun of her.

But Bayle’s creativity didn’t stop there, later we could see that he also has a talent for painting. At one point in the fight he pulled out two chairs, then he put in a ladder and then he put Sasha Banks on top of it. When we thought she was going to be punished, she did the opposite and took out a pot of paint and began to paint Sasha Banks to show that she is not only a fighter, a builder, but also a painter.

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