Baron Corbin insulted the UnderTaker and receives a beating VIDEO

Baron Corbin insulted the UnderTaker in a small tribute that WWE decided to perform on Smackdown and ended up receiving a beating from the cast.

It all started in a segment where Baron Corbin came out to talk trash about the Undertaker’s career. Until Jeff Hardy “The Charismatic Riddle” is fed up with the situation and went out to savagely attack Corbin.

Why was it Jeff Hardy who attacked when Baron Corbin insulted the UnderTaker?

Jeff Hardy in a short backstage interview said he couldn’t let them speak ill of the undertaker because he was their mentor and role model.

At the end of the night there was a Smackdown as a star event between Jeff Hardy and Baron Corbin. In this fight, several fighters came out of the ring to support Jeff Hardy so that he would shut his mouth and teach Corbin a lesson. Among them: The new day, Matt Riddle, Braun Strowman, Dana Brook, Lacey Evans among others ..

Finally Jeff Hardy in a close fight where he was on the verge of defeat several times managed to defeat Corbin and take the victory with his famous The Swanton Bomb , thus defending the name of the Undertaker.

Although that did not end there since Corbin did not accept his defeat so easily and attacked Jeff Hardy from behind. It was at that moment that the members of the New Day who were just outside the ring decided to enter and brutally beat Corbin. Then Jeff Hardy invited universal champion Brawn Stroman to attack Corbin as well. one one oStroman accepted without difficulty and applied your finisher to Corbin and finally Matt Riddle also joined the party and applied your finishier to Corbin.

Jeff Hardy in a tribute and tribute form decided to do the undertaker’s victory pose while all the other wrestlers applauded him.

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