Top 10 Memes of Among Us The Game Of The Moment

Laugh with this Top 10 Memes of Among Us. The Game Of The Moment that already has a sequel in progress and has managed to surpass 85 million downloads in mobiles. Although it has been in the market since 2018 it was until 2020 that it has become one of the most successful video games. Having an incredible exponential increase of downloads between August and September, it seems that it has come to stay and give us many hours of fun.

βœ… The voting cat accused of being the impostor in among us meme

the cat with boots plays among us, when they find a dead body and everyone accuses you

βœ… When you expel your partner in among us meme

Those moments you have to vote for your partner who is also an impostor so that they don’t doubt you and you can win the game.

when you expel your partner from among us meme

βœ… Among Us when you are a ghost and you see the one who killed you meme

When the rat that killed you says it wasn’t him and you look at him from the other world as a ghost.

Patricio plays among us and looks at the one who killed him saying it's not him

βœ… Meme When you are the impostor but you play the victim Among Us

A tactic that always works and with which you will always win games in Among Us. It is to report the body that you killed yourself and pretend to be surprised.

when you are the impostor of among us meme

βœ… When you report the body of the person you killed on the among us ship

when you report the body of the person you yourself killed among us

βœ… When everyone plays among us but you don’t

everyone who plays among us meme

βœ… You are thrown off the ship of Among us and you were not the imposter meme

when they kick you out of the among us ship and you weren't the inpostor meme

βœ… Color-blind people when playing Among Us

Color-blind people when playing Among Us

βœ… Memes of Among Us the minigame of electricity among us

Those moments when you feel like a professional electrician just because you know how to fix the electricity in the among us mini-game

memes de among us the among us electricity mini-game

βœ… When you attend the wedding of the people who play among us meme

The wedding of those who play among Us meme

Number of Among Us downloads in the world

The number of downloads from Among Us is impressive. The United States is in first place with 20.5 million downloads, while Brazil follows with 16.6 million downloads and in third place is Mexico with 6.8 million downloads. In Google Play Among Us it has generated 60.4 million downloads, while in the App Store it has 26 million.

Money that has managed to generate the game Among Us

In terms of money generated by Among Us is $3.2 million in Ingame purchases, with the United States leading with $1.9 million and Brazil in second place with $335,000. In South Korea they have generated 333,000 dollars in total. As for the stores is in App Store where more money has generated with 1.9 million dollars, 59.4%. In Google Play, Among Us has generated 1.3 million dollars, that is, 40.6%.

Already working in among Us 2

After the incredible acceptance that the game has had, InnerSloth has already announced in mid-August that work has begun on the second part of the game. According to the company, the game will take approximately one year to be ready and will bring several new features, such as new maps and new roles.

The origin of Among Us

The creators have confessed that the idea came from a game where you draw cards with numbers and one or two of them are a king, then you turn off the lights in the room and the game begins. When you are the impostor you just have to go after a person and kill them with your finger.

When are the servers in Among Us going to be fixed?

The servers often stop working, that’s because the creators didn’t expect the success that the game has had and didn’t design powerful servers that could hold so many people connected. This is supposed to be fixed in the next update, when more regions are added so that players can choose the one that works best for them. With this they hope that the number of users will be better distributed without the need to collapse the servers.

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