Top Funny Roman Reigns memes 2020

Tired of always seeing the same memes? Bored and wanting to laugh? Don’t worry, we have the solution here. On this page you will find the best Roman Reigns memes that are constantly updated for you to have a good time.

Roman Reigns when he was run over meme

Meme Roman Reigns is magic

Roman Reigns is magic and he's also the greatest wrestler of all time and in this Roman Reigns run over ...
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Alexa bliss eliminated from Royal Rumble meme

The Best Memes of Royal Rumble 2021

Royal Rumble 2021 has been held and has left us great fights and surprises, such as Edge, who was the ...
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Meme Roman Reigns llorando es el mejor actor del mundo

Meme Roman Reigns is the best actor in the world

Meme Roman Reigns is the best actor in the world. In the fight against his cousin Jey Uso in Hell ...
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Bodyguard of AJ Styles meme

MEME The Greatness of Roman Reigns the WWE Legend

MEME There is nothing bigger than AJ Styles' bodyguard except the greatness of the legend called Roman Reigns "the tribal ...
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At memeswow you can find memes from your favorite wwe superstars either from Roman Reigns or other fighters you’re a fan of. memes are constantly updated so you always find the latest and newest. So browse our page and start laughing and having a good time.


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Who is Roman Reigns and why are memes made of him?

Roman Reigns is one of the most popular fighters in wwe today. His impressive strength, dominance, endurance, and arousing hatred and passion in fans has led him to become the current face of wwe.

This popularity that it has makes any fun moment that happens in their fights or other events quickly go viral and create memes of those moments in social networks, where they are shared and reach many people.

Achievements and championships of Roman Reigns in WWE

Since his NXT debut in 2012 Roman Reigns in a few years has accumulated multiple achievements and at his young age he is one of the most decorated fighters in WWE. Among his achievements are:

  • Champion in pairs with Seth Rollins
  • Record in Royal Rumble eliminating 15 people
  • Royal Rumble winner
  • Winner of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • Winner of the United States Championship
  • Be the second to defeat the UnderTaker at Wrestlemania
  • Universal Championship
  • Intercontinental Championship
  • Grand Slam Champion
  • Has never been subdued by surrender
  • Being a stellar multiple times at Wrestlemania

Because Roman Reigns temporarily retired in 2020

Roman Reigns has suffered leucimia during his life, even in 2018 he also had to withdraw for several months from the ring because he had leukemia and had to be treated or his life was at risk. Although he finally overcame it and returned in Wrestlemania defeating Drew Mcintyre . Since then, he had been working regularly as a SmackDown Superstar, albeit without achieving a major championship .

In 2020 it seemed to be his year, wwe had planned for him to have a match against Bray Wyatt who was the Smackdown champion at the time and seemed to have his health issues under control. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, he had to temporarily withdraw from the ring. Since, having suffered from leukemia , a contagion of coronavirus could be lethal for your life.

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